Do a quick search online and you’ll find a variety of ways to relocate or consolidate your IT infrastructure. But there is only one way to do it right, contact MIGRA today!

At MIGRA, we offer a unique approach to relocating your devices. Using our experience from hundreds of relocation projects we have designed a way to keep your devices safe and your data secure at every step of the relocation process.

Our proven process, methodology, experience, team members and our commitment to working with each client as a part of your team and not just a vendor has made MIGRA a leader in our industry for over a decade.

Our focus is getting your devices relocated safely, securely, and intact. Data Center Relocations are mission critical projects. Don’t leave this task in the hands of just anyone, contact MIGRA today for a quote.

To ensure every project is a successful one and no vital steps are missed, we break every project into ten steps. From validating the inventory of every component slated to move, identifying software dependencies and relationships and mapping all network connectivity. All of which is broken down in a detailed day of move plan every 15 min showing each task be it by client, vendor, Migra or a third party.

At every stage of your project, risk assessment and a contingency plan is at the forefront of our process. We know how vital your devices are to your company’s success.

Know what’s happening at every stage of this mission critical project with MIGRA on your side.

Your focus is keeping your business in motion. Let MIGRA focus on putting your “Technology In Motion!”